Good day! You are on my first HTML page! Let me introduce myself, artist and illustrator - Ekaterina Mishka aka KMAPLETOON. I'm 17 y.o and I love to be creative in absolutely any way! And html site is one of these ways.

I've been drawing for five years now and I'm doing pretty well at it. A lot has inspired me on the path of creativity: books, cartoons, films and many artists from the Internet: FedorComix, Frauella, Teelia, and many others ! And I am very grateful to them, because I have met so many good friends with whom I have known for several years! I mainly do drawing, but also study 3D modeling, music and animation. In the future, I want to create an animated series based on my ideas about the magical world ScatterWood. Now I mostly draw, what my heart desires, but I'm ready to draw for request!

One of the main reasons for my drawing path was Dunno. From the very childhood I was turned on cassettes with Dunno and I really adored watching it, and then Dunno's book adventures were revealed to me in secret, and I realized- he's my son i loved it. Then I've began to look for continuation with him, drawings, etc.